Monday, 30 May 2011

Post Dubstep (New+Old)

I don't really enjoy many sounds from the whole Dubstep thing. I embraced it when it became the norm to hear in clubs but never really got too excited about it. However, i am actually pretty glad that it did break through because once artists realised that it wasn't about sounds like a Ford Fiesta driving at 70mph in 2nd, they realised that other sounds could be used to mix different dance genres. The resulting musical implosion has created many different cross genre music which is sometimes very difficult to tie down to a single type of music. This has made the Post Dubstep era very exciting and fresh. Here's 2 fairly new tracks from two of my favourite artists to break through from this scene.

This three piece from LDN have been all over it in the past year. A quality remix of XX's track 'Crystalised', followed by 2 very nice EP's have shown that Dark Sky are nailing the competition on the UK Funky/Garage scene. Very eerie intro turns very quickly into a banger.

Me and pals at Church have pretty much worshipped this guy (reppin MCR) for the past few months. Listen in for the sick baselines that make you just wanna dance. Need a summer tune? Here you go..

Beat (New+Old)

Again, the beat music genre is one i have only really discovered it in the past two to three years and for me it's quite a futuristic genre with plenty of sampling and drum beats, making it quite a new sound.

Therefore i've decided to go for a classic beaty track from Flying Lotus which features dope vocals from Andreya.

For the newer track i've gone for a new remix of a scruff favourite. Mr. Scruffs new single 'Wobble Control' also features a more heavier beat remix of 'Music Takes Me Up' by Nickodemus & Zeb. It will never beat the original but it's a pretty good effort and the man himself must think it's good to release it on one of his singles! Have a listen.

Thursday, 19 May 2011

Bass (New+Old)

As my personal interpretation of Bass music isn't too mature, i've decided to cheat and post one pretty fresh track and one which is a bit of a classic bass tune from my itunes library..

This track is from Falty DL's most recent album 'You Stand Uncertain' which was released March(ish) this year. As a whole i think it's very very good. The NY producer has not taken his foot off the gas which is nice to see as his first album was released not too long ago. Bass heads will enjoy this one and everything he has made. A nice set of headphones is essential here!

Second Post to Scruffo here. Just because he fucking loves it. Again..hearing this on the Funktion 1 at Band On The Wall with a brew is a real treat to the ears. The track features Kirsty Almeida on Vocals, and what vocals they are..

Experimental (New+Old)

This genre is currently packed full of good stuff. I got into more experimental productions having listening to Flying Lotus a few years ago who in my opinion sits at the very top of the tree. Within his records there is an obvious influence of hip-hop throughout, however the complex electronic bleeps, beats and baselines used as well as samples from anywhere and everywhere, make Flying Lotus very interesting to listen to.

The FlyLo track i've gone for features Declaime with some nice rhymes but it's all about the production of this track and the sampling used by Big Steve (he's actually huge..).

I recommend seeing this guy whenever you possibly can. Mindmelting.

For the old experimental record i was tempted to choose a Pink Floyd track (most probably selected from Dark Side Of The Moon) as it is one of my favourite albums ever.

However, i'm gonna keep things in the family. If you don't already know, FlyLo is the nephew of the late Alice and John Coltrane and as you can imagine, he grew up surrounded by amazing music. If you listen to more FlyLo material, you will see how this kind of material by Alice Coltrane has influenced the music he has made. I read that Alice free improvised on the Harp on this track which makes it so much better. Very experimental for the time of it's release (1970).

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Electronica (New+Old)

I think this is one of my favourite genres mainly due to the fact that it can be so broad. This is what i consider to be the best kind of new electronica around at the moment. With the quantity and variety of instruments used in the tracks production, Sphere gives a different feel to a standard electronica sound. Futuristic but elegant at the same time.

As Moby was a pioneer of Electronica in the 90's i thought i'd choose one of his tracks. Not the most well known but one of my favourites. A more mellow feel to that of Illum Sphere with a classic Moby piano piece.

Lo-Fi (New+Old)

Over the past few months i have fallen in love with Glitchy Lo-Fi Producer Tokimonsta. One of the Fly-Lo crew, she has released material on Brainfeeder and is quickly becoming regarded as one of the top producers in L.A, not an easy task but she makes it seem effortless.

If you want a heavier taste of what Tokimonsta is making click below. Very Big Baselines.

This was one of the songs that got me into the lo-fi kind of sound. I don't know too much about the origins of lo-fi but i think that this track represents the genre quite well. Anyone who likes Bonobo will love this gem from his earlier production days. It's sounds like how you imagine yourself falling asleep.

Jazz (New+Old)

Had to Get a bit of Scruffo in these first few posts. I'm sure i could post a song of his for every genre going but i've gone for 'Jazz Potato' for the relatively new jazz record choice. If you've got a nice set of headphones or speakers listen in for standard scruff basslines that he drops in a third of the way into the track. Best heard at Keep it Unreal at Band on the Wall played by the man himself. He's currently producing a new album so watch out for it.

As i'm on the topic of Mr. Scruff..

There's not a lot of words i can use to describe this song apart from mindblowing epic.

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