Monday, 30 May 2011

Post Dubstep (New+Old)

I don't really enjoy many sounds from the whole Dubstep thing. I embraced it when it became the norm to hear in clubs but never really got too excited about it. However, i am actually pretty glad that it did break through because once artists realised that it wasn't about sounds like a Ford Fiesta driving at 70mph in 2nd, they realised that other sounds could be used to mix different dance genres. The resulting musical implosion has created many different cross genre music which is sometimes very difficult to tie down to a single type of music. This has made the Post Dubstep era very exciting and fresh. Here's 2 fairly new tracks from two of my favourite artists to break through from this scene.

This three piece from LDN have been all over it in the past year. A quality remix of XX's track 'Crystalised', followed by 2 very nice EP's have shown that Dark Sky are nailing the competition on the UK Funky/Garage scene. Very eerie intro turns very quickly into a banger.

Me and pals at Church have pretty much worshipped this guy (reppin MCR) for the past few months. Listen in for the sick baselines that make you just wanna dance. Need a summer tune? Here you go..

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